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DISCLAIMER: All applications are subject to stock availability and approval.

PEMBERITAHUAN: Semua pemohonan adalah tertakluk pada stok yang ada dan kelulusan.



Crisis Relief Services & Training Berhad (herein referred to as “CREST”) is a humanitarian relief non-profit and non-government organization registered in Malaysia since 1998.

Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia, both government and private hospital capacity may be limited. If you have any family member who lives together with you (under the same roof) who has tested positive with COVID-19 and is being ordered to self-quarantine at home, CREST is willing to assist you by providing you an oximeter (hereinafter known as the “Product”).

In order to benefit as many people as possible, these oximeters are not for sale but to be provided to you for you to use with your family member with the following TERMS & CONDITIONS. For those who can afford it, we hope you can donate a sum you can afford to enable us to purchase more Oximeters for those who may need it at short notice.


1. Only who have just been tested Covid-19 positive or if you are living in the same address as a Covid-19 positive patient above the age of 45 years old. Priority is given to the high-risk groups because of limited stocks.

2. The Covid-19 positive patient has been ordered to be quarantined at home.

3. The Covid-19 positive test report MUST NOT be later than 9 days from the date of application.



1. Hanya mereka yang baru sahaja didapati positif Covid-19 atau jika anda tinggal di alamat yang sama dengan pesakit positif Covid-19 yang berumur 45 tahun dan ke atas. Keutamaan diberikan kepada kumpulan berisiko tinggi kerana stok terhad.

2. Pesakit covid yang dibawah perintah KKM kuarantin di rumah.

3. Laporan keputusan positif covid hendaklah tidak melebihi 9 hari dari tarikh permohonan.


谁 可 以 申 请?

1. 被 检 测 出 Covid-19 呈 阳 性 的 人,或 者 如 果 您 与 Covid-19 阳 性 患 者 住 在 同 一 地 址。 由 于 存 货 有 限,优 先 考 虑 高 风 险 群 体。

2. 卫 生 局 要 求 确 诊 者 居 家 隔 离。

3. 确 诊 者 的 核 酸 检 测 报 告 要 在 9 天 内。



1. Condition of Application

  1. The only condition of providing the Product is that the Applicant has a family member living with him or her who has just been diagnosed as Covid-19 positive and is required to be quarantined at home (hereinafter referred to as the “Patient”)
  2. Proof of the Patient’s Covid-19 positive test has to be supplied for the application to be approved.

2. Confidentiality of Patient Information

  1. CREST shall treat the Patient’s Covid-19 positive status as confidential. It shall only convey the Applicant’s address to its Collaboration Partner in the relevant city.
  2. CREST’s Collaboration Partner will only have access to the relevant address of and phone number of the Applicant to send the Product to him or her, and if the Product is to be sent by a third-party logistic provider, the logistic provider likewise will only be given the Applicant’s relevant details.

3. Use of Product, subject to SOP and according to the advice of your medical doctor or hospital

  1. The Applicant shall monitor the reading of the patient from time to time-based on the Standard Operation Procedure given by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. You shall report all symptoms and consult your doctor or call the nearby hospital should you have any concerns regarding your family member’s oxygen saturation readings.

4. No Warranty on use of product except by the manufacturer

  1. CREST will not be liable under the warranty for any damage or loss arising from wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal working conditions, failure to follow instructions during or as a result of the use of the product, or the inability of the Applicant to use the Product.
  2. Kindly refer to the manufacturer’s manual or their official website for information on the use of the product.
  3. The quality of the product shall be governed by the manufacturer.

5. Collaboration Partners and Logistical Service Partners

  1. Due to travel restrictions during the Movement Control Order, CREST may collaborate with its Partners in different cities who may deliver the Product themselves or engage a third-party logistic service provider to deliver the Product.
  2. The lead time will depend on the efficiency of the Collaboration Partners and appointed service providers.

6. Maximizing the use of the Product and the KitaJagaKita-O2 Monitoring Program

  1. We hope that you will donate a sum that you can afford to CREST so that we can order more Oximeters for families like yours to use for monitoring their O2 levels via this at "Donate". For your information, an Oximeter costs around RM150 each, and hence we hope that we can cover this cost.

7. Limited area and limited stock, first come first serve

  1. Applications will be processed on a first come first served basis.
  2. Successful Applications will be contacted by phone before we arrange for delivery.

8. Agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

  1. By submitting this application, you have agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, and all decisions by CREST are final and binding.
  2. CREST reserves the right to change, amend, add and/or delete any of these Terms and Conditions without prior notice at any time and all Applicants shall be bound by such changes at the time of the relevant Applications


About CREST Our Donors ♥ Donate ♥